Social Branding

Social Branding

The role of social media in building a brand

Define its brand identity (brand identity)-that is, the set of graphic-communicative elements through which a brand wants to be perceived in the eyes of consumers-cannot but be considered the starting point and pivotal goal of every company in the 4.0 universe. 

That of brand identity is an indispensable piece of any solid and effective strategy, which in order to work must make use of the various tools of digital marketing, social media in primis. 

One aspect that still escapes many is that a good branding strategy to be such Should not be limited to the typical aspects that represent a brand - the graphic elements, voice, mission and vision-but it must also extend to that company's social media presence.

What is social branding

Leveraging social platforms to build and define corporate brand identity is at the heart of the so-called social branding, a strategic activity that, today, abetted by the power and massive spread of social media, has become increasingly essential. 

What it means doing social branding? The expression refers to the creation, presentation and reinforcement of one's corporate brand through the various social media platforms. Social can and should intersect with the goals of brand identity (hence: social media + branding = social branding).

Indeed, through social media a company has the opportunity to tell its story, shifting its focus from sale (which should never be primary objective on social media anyway) to storytelling, all from as human and emotional a perspective as possible, to create interaction and strengthen brand awareness, known in marketing as brand awareness.  

But what are the actions to be taken? How do you implement a social branding strategy?

How to create social branding

Before implementing the most suitable strategy, it is important to start with a question: What role social plays in the corporate communication and marketing plan? Which social platforms best intercept audiences?

Once you find the answer, you can start with the actual social branding, which is built in four different steps:

  • Identity definition: Do you really know your company? Fixing the brand's identity characteristics down to the last detail is the first fundamental building block from which to start; 
  • Audience analysis: do you know who your audience is? Only by knowing your target audience perfectly can you raise interest and meet the right needs;  
  • Content construction: once you have defined who you are and what your audience likes, you move to the creative phase with the choice of possible topics/types of content to cover;
  • Graphic processing: The eye always wants its share first, so visual content must be of quality and in line with the brand identity. 

The mistakes to avoid

Moving well on social media is a real art. Although it may not seem like it, the slip is always just around the corner. Just as a good social branding strategy can do a lot to contribute to brand success, it takes very little to do damage to the entire business.

Here are some of the mistakes that should be avoided:

  • Be present on every social: it may be the trendiest social media of the moment, but is our audience there as well?
  • Making copy and paste of the same content on different platforms: Facebook or Instagram? Youtube or Tik Tok? The same content may not fit on every platform;
  • Don't show the human side:we always talk about products and services machi is behind the brand?What face does it have? What stories are hidden behind the everyday reality of the company?
  • Using the wrong tone of voice: Is the tone of voice you use for your communication consistent throughout your communication? Does it represent you? Are you sure the message is getting through to your customers in the right way?

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