Finding customers in the United States: the American Dream

Finding customers in the United States: the American Dream

Have you ever wondered why it is worthwhile to. finding customers in the United States? Perhaps you are among those managers who keep their American Dream in the drawer and aim to create a bridge with the US. The American market is constantly evolving; it is a dynamic reality that offers significant growth opportunities for companies.

Entrepreneurs often hesitate to jump into overseas collaborations for fear of encountering difficulties with bureaucracy or impediments with language. In many years of freelancing, the U.S. market has taken important satisfaction from us, and we have been able to establish long-standing collaborations.

If you are an entrepreneur you certainly know that the United States is a great land to prosper and succeed. In fact, for Finding customers in the United States, the advice is only one: TRY IT.

Avoid limitations or fears and take the plunge; perhaps you can start by planning a trip to the States to personally meet the companies you are interested in. Alternatively, you can search online for companies in your field or with which you intend to collaborate and make initial contact. Our suggestion is do not limit yourself to Italian companies based in the United States, but open your horizons. Also, don't focus on your industry, aim to have an appealing portfolio that tells the story of your path and your professional experiences. Of course, to then be able to operate on the ground and then work within the United States with an American company, you will need a special Visa.

We do not want to talk only about theory, but bring you stories and concrete examples. For this, To find customers in the United States, we tell you some case histories, to help you realize your American Dream.

KiariLadyBoss and New York City 4 All.

Speaking of collaborations born online, Kiara Di Paola joined our clients in 2015 through an email exchange. We created a friendship and met in 2018. Kiara is a content creator, influencer, licensed guide, and founder of the agency New York City 4 All. With Kiara, we worked on both brand identity, starting from logo design to the whole digital visual communication part for her projects.

In the case of KiariLadyBoss we designed the brand and a landing page, to tell about his projects as a content creator. With New York City 4 All, on the other hand, the idea was to create an accessible and intuitive portal to read articles of trivia about New York and book services, and again a brand that can best represent her person and business.

Usa Welcome and New York Welcome

For finding customers in the United States, remember that one of the most functional strategies is word of mouth. Thus, in fact the collaboration with New York Welcome and Usa Welcome was born. Kiara Di Paola herself was the conduit with Irene, with whom a synergy was established right from the start. We created a perfect harmony, which is what we always hope to establish with all clients. Irene is an extremely friendly, kind, knowledgeable and on the ball person.

New York Welcome e USA Welcome are a family-owned business that launched their business in the late 1970s. Since then, they have become a one-stop shop for customized travel and tour arrangements in New York and the United States. Among the most popular experiences are road trips and custom tours. 

Brand restyle work was done with her on the entire brand identity of her business.

Basketball according to Mez

Chiara Mezzini had her American Dream, landing in New York and doing research to tell the story of the playground world. We created a logo to represent her Basketball-based business model and a cross site, divided into macrocategories compiling material gathered overseas and several interviews with insiders.

IFERA: international family enterprise research academy

Sometimes finding customers in the United States can be a piece of cake if you have friends with an overseas brand. It is the case of IFERA an American corporate of two friends who run the Milan Polytechnic. We recently did a graphic design for one of their events in Poland. Every year they design a series of events around the world that gather hundreds of participants.

Preston Howard Show Designs

Preston Howard is a longtime friend of Cristian's who in life is involved in the artistic direction of American marching bands. In his case, extensive work was done on brand identity to design a site that fully embodied his project.

If you are a U.S.-based company, or you want to start one from scratch, we have partners operating locally who can help you realize your "American Dream."

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