The differences between brand identity, brand image and brand reputation

The differences between brand identity, brand image and brand reputation

The world of corporate branding is full of terms and concepts that can be easily confused or misused. Among them, three key concepts appear that are often used interchangeably, almost as if they were synonyms, but which actually have quite distinct meanings: we are talking about the concepts of brand identity, brand image e brand reputation.

In this blog post, we want to focus on the differences between them and the role of each: although they identify different aspects of branding, they are crucial because they contribute equally to the perception of a company by its customers and the general public. 

What exactly is meant by brand identity, brand image and brand reputation? Let's get some clarity!

Brand Identity

As we recounted in detail here, brand identity (or, translated, brand identity), represents the essence and personality of the company

That is, it is the way the company presents itself to the world and understands several elements graphics, but not only, among which stand out:

  • the logo
  • the colors
  • typefaces
  • the tone of voice
  • the mission statement
  • corporate values  

Brand identity is nothing more than What the company wants to be and how it wants to be perceived by its audience. It is the result of a strategic positioning process and defines the basis on which brand reputation is built. 

Brand identity, however, Does not always coincide with the actually perceived image by the public (and from here we come to the next concept). Moreover, working only on the concept of corporate brand identity should not be considered a sufficient condition: there are two other areas to consider.

Brand Image

On the other hand, brand image, also known as "brand image," represents The actual perception of the company by the public and customers. In other words, it is how the company is actually seen and perceived by its audience. 

Several elements contribute to determining brand image. It is influenced by:

  • Le audience interactions with the company
  • Le marketing campaigns corporate
  • Le direct experiences of customers Who have already purchased the company's products/services
  • Le opinions shared on social media Or on other platforms. 

It is not always easy for a company to completely control its brand image, as it also depends on the people's subjective perceptions.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation (translated as "brand reputation"), Is the cumulative result of the public's experiences, opinions and perceptions towards a specific company over time. That is, it is what people say about you when you are not present and how your brand is viewed in society. 

Brand reputation is often the direct result of how the company manages its brand identity and customer interactions. A crucial aspect that should never be put on the back burner: a good brand reputation is invaluable and can increase customer trust and long-term success.

In summary then, brand identity represents what the company wants to be, while brand image is how it is perceived by the public. Brand reputation, on the other hand, is the result of the overall perception of the brand over time. 

Why it is important to understand the differences between brand identity, brand image and brand reputation

Understanding the differences between brand identity, brand image, and brand reputation is not just a matter of marketing theory: it is a crucial turning point because it allows one to build and focus a really effective branding strategy.

Focusing on the construction of a strong brand identity and on the careful management of brand image, a company can contribute positively to its reputation and long-term success in the market.

While image orientation is an important first step, it is good to remember to also focus on the perceived image and resulting reputation, the result of consistent and satisfying work that stimulates trust over time.

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